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ISBN: 0942971264
ASIN: 0942971264
Title: Reality in Three Dimensions : Reflection of the Trinity (Enneagram)
Author: Mary Helen Kelley
Publisher: His Way
PublicationDate: 1993-01-00
Amazon Pricing Information
LowestNewPrice: 81.01
LowestUsedPrice: 9.02
TotalNew: 1
TotalUsed: 7
SalesRank: 6083191
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Product Description
Following the basic principles of the Enneagram styles explained in Skin Deep, Sr. Helen deals with the mystery of the three fundamental differences in the experience of reality that underlie human existence. This information of the the reality of the head, the reality of the heart, and the reality of the gut is explained through the story of The Wizard of Oz told in three different forms: the book, the 1939 movie and the black presentation of The Wiz. It can offer you the kind of knowledge that could transform the whole experience of your life, your relationships and deeper insight into what other people are trying to tell you. Hopefully it will help you to grow in love and acceptance and appreciaition of yourself and everyone else.

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