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ISBN: 9780122272202
ASIN: 012227220X
Title: Encyclopedia of Toxicology, Three-Volume Set: Chemicals and Concepts
Publisher: Academic Press
PublicationDate: 1998-03-16
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 680.00
LowestNewPrice: 322.94
LowestUsedPrice: 225.00
TotalNew: 4
TotalUsed: 5
SalesRank: 13313820
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Product Description
The Encyclopedia of Toxicology provides a comprehensive collection of concise and readable explanations of basic principles in toxicology and the potential hazards of chemicals. Written by highly qualified contributors and containing a broad selection of topics, the Encyclopedia of Toxicology is of value to both toxicologists and non-toxicologists, including physicians, attorneys, regulators, safety managers, and environmental engineers-anyone whose work involves the health and safety issues of common and uncommon substances. The Encyclopedia of Toxicology plays a critical role at the intermediate level by offering more detail than a dictionary while remaining accessible to the generalist in risk assessment, regulation, and consulting. The Encyclopedia includes entries related to research and clinical toxicology, risk assessment, ecotoxicology, epidemiology, radiation, noise, information resources, organizations, and education. With more than 750 entries, extensive cross-references, a detailed index, and numerousreferences to primary and secondary literature, the Encyclopedia will be an indispensable resource.

Key Features
* Provides an excellent selection of topics with more than 750 entries
* Organizes information in a highly structured format for easy reference
* Addresses basic, critical, and controversial elements in toxicology
* Overviews numerous key concepts and summarizes the hazardous properties of hundreds of chemicals
* Includes a detailed index and numerous cross references to primary and secondary literature
* Contains individual entries for both concepts and compounds--each chemical and metal has its own entry rather than being discussed briefly in a larger entry
* Provides extensive coverage of regulatory issues

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