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ISBN: 0310322294
ASIN: 0310322294
Title: Effective Stewardship Participant's Guide: Doing What Matters Most
Author: Amanda Witt
Author2: Jonathan Witt
Publisher: Zondervan
PublicationDate: 2009-09-13
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 7.99
LowestNewPrice: 22.72
LowestUsedPrice: 3.00
TotalNew: 7
TotalUsed: 15
SalesRank: 2189786
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Product Description

In this five-session small group Bible study, hosted by Dave Stotts, Effective Stewardship: Doing What Matters Most, you will learn how to think critically and biblically about the areas of responsibility that God has entrusted to you.

Christian stewardship is about more than the money we drop into the collection plate, instead stewardship is everything we do after we say we believe: serving God in our vocation, stewardship of nature and the environment, caring for those in need, and much more!

This Participant Guide is designed for use with the companion Effective Stewardship DVD (sold separately). When used together they provide a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth.

Sessions include:

1. Our Talents and Skills: How to use our God-given talents to serve God in our daily vocation
2. Care for the Environment: A proper, biblical understanding of resources and of humanity’s relationship to nature, providing the basis for an environmental ethic of stewardship
3. Loving Our Neighbors: How to effectively care for those in need and ensure that our attempts to help do not cause more harm than good
4. Family, Church, and State: How effective stewardship in our homes and in our churches strengthens the social impact of our families and faith congregations
5. Money and Finances: How to be good stewards of our wealth by following time-tested principles of budgeting and wealth management

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