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ISBN: 0385500947
ASIN: 0385500947
Title: Guide to Smart Investing in the Internet Era: Everything You Need to Know to Outsmart Wall Street and Select Winning Stocks
Author: Dave Kansas
Publisher: Doubleday Business
PublicationDate: 2001-01-02
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 24.95
LowestNewPrice: 7.00
LowestUsedPrice: 1.99
TotalNew: 6
TotalUsed: 28
SalesRank: 4855473
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Product Description is the exciting financial news Internet Web site cofounded by James J. Cramer that has become one of the most trusted news sources-and the go-to investment site-in the world of finance. With more than three million unique visitors a month, and the company's up-to-the-minute news featured at, AOL, and Yahoo!, has become the way informed investors discover what's hot and what's not in the stock market and on Wall Street.

Now, drawing on its unparalleled expertise, has laid bare the fundamentals to investing in the stock market with their comprehensive investment guide, Guide to Smart Investing in the Internet Era. Written with refreshing clarity and an irresistible touch of attitude by Editor-in-Chief Dave Kansas, and featuring contributions from's premier columnists and specialists, the book reveals the ins and outs of investing in stocks offers a crash course in how revolutionary long-term changes to the New Economy will affect stocks' value and future growth.

Among the issues the book tackles are:

*How to navigate the risk and uncertainty of today's volatile market

*How interest rate changes, buy backs and splits, and earnings reports can affect the price of a stock.

*How to use the resources of the Internet to find, research and screen stocks.

*How to build a portfolio fitting for the New Economy

*How to identify the stocks describes as "High Octane" (stocks that hold out the promise of both great reward and hefty risk), "Core Performers" (solid investment opportunities in various sectors of the economy), and "Income Engines" (safer stocks with a dividend kick)

Beyond these basics, the book offers informed advice on when to buy and when to sell, how to tell when a company's story has changed, how to find and research great stock ideas, how to figure out a stock's financials, how to read a stock chart, the ins and outs of IPOs and options, and penetrating insights into how the economy has changed and what that means in terms of future stock performance.

Providing the tools and information the individual investor needs to secure a competitive advantage against the big Wall Street firms, Guide to Smart Investing in the Internet Era is destined to be the investment bible for the new millennium.

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