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Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

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ISBN: 9780567028617
ASIN: 0567028615
Title: The Branches of the Gospel of John: The Reception of the Fourth Gospel in the Early Church (The Library of New Testament Studies)
Author: Kyle Keefer
Publisher: T&T Clark
PublicationDate: 2006-03-01
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 150.00
LowestNewPrice: 138.60
LowestUsedPrice: 51.60
TotalNew: 14
TotalUsed: 7
SalesRank: 5392184
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Product Description
In The Branches of the Gospel of John, Keefer presents a new paradigm for understanding the role of history of interpretation in New Testament studies, with a focus on the Gospel of John. Drawing largely from the work of Hans Robert Jauss, he presents history of interpretation as a means to understand both the text and the historical reader. Jauss's concept of Rezeptionsästhetik helps the New Testament scholar to reflect upon both text and history in a new light. John is an exemplary work to investigate along these lines because no other canonical book was as provocative in the early church. John was used extensively by Valentinians but also by the best-known opponent of Valentinus, Irenaeus. Later, major figures such as Origen, Augustine, and John Chrysostom worked through this gospel, chapter by chapter, to produce either commentaries (Origen) or sets of homilies (Augustine and Chrysostom). What emerges in The Branches of the Gospel of John is a realization that these early interpreters prove fruitful for both textual and historical study of the Fourth Gospel. With regard to history, early interpreters of John provide data points for understanding John in second- and third-century contexts. Although these early interpretations do not explain the origins of John's gospel, they nevertheless provide us with evidence of the Fourth Gospel's historical role in the construction of the early church. With regard to literary and textual issues, the present book demonstrates that these early readings of John can open up fresh avenues of interpretation for contemporary readers.

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