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Over 6 million ISBNs and ISBN barcodes are listed. The ISBN format was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit numbers that uniquely identify a book by its title, publisher, and format. ISBN bar codes are just a bar code display of the ISBN number. ISBNs were introduced in 1970 and were originally 10 digit numbers. In 2007, ISBN numbers changed to 13 digit numbers so the system wouldn't run out of ISBN numbers to assign. The ISBN number is typically found on the back cover of the book along with the ISBN barcode that represents that number. The ISBN number can also typically be found on one of the first few pages of the book where the publisher and copyright information is listed.

Each edition of a book and each format of a book has a different ISBN number. This is very useful when searching for the softcover edition or the hardcover edition of a book. It is also useful for college students searching for the correct edition of a college textbook for their university class.

To learn more about the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ISO standard, see the Wikipedia entry for ISBN


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ISBN: 059537056X
ASIN: 059537056X
Title: Kindred Spirits: Flesh and Blood
Author: Brian Puckett
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
PublicationDate: 2005-09-08
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 16.95
LowestNewPrice: 2.50
LowestUsedPrice: 8.95
TotalNew: 16
TotalUsed: 3
SalesRank: 3778168
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Product Description
More than 100 years ago it was constructed as a monument to new beginnings and opportunities along California's rugged Redwood Coast-a home to serve as a legacy for future generations. But where the oldest living things on Earth rise to meet the punishing surf of the mighty Pacific, an ancient evil resides."It is the dead, and it is the house "For one girl in a wondrous age of discovery and invention at the close of the nineteenth century, the adventure of a lifetime becomes a nightmare for the ages. In a world of secrets, lies, and innocence lost, young Sibyl Fernwood must suffer the sins of her domineering father while confronting restless souls forever trapped in the mansion he has built."Some wish only to communicate. Others, though, most certainly seek to harm and destroy "A witness to history, Sibyl documents it all in her journal."How I wish I could read all that you will have written in this diary over the course of your amazing lifetime "Famous faces, memorable places-joy, even terror-she records the events that touch her life, including those that destroy it."There is no rest where there is no peace "

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