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ISBN: 0801842956
ASIN: 0801842956
Title: Speaking of Diversity: Language and Ethnicity in Twentieth- Century America
Author: Professor Philip Gleason
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
PublicationDate: 1992-03-01
Amazon Pricing Information
ListPrice: 58.00
LowestNewPrice: 81.14
LowestUsedPrice: 24.73
TotalNew: 3
TotalUsed: 10
SalesRank: 5813142
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Product Description
In recent years U.S. social history has taken dramatic strides in studies of race, gender, and ethnicity. Among historians of American ethnic groups, Philip Gleason has played a leading role in that development. His essays analyzing the terms of public and scholarly discourse--mapping the changing conceptions of American identity during the past half century--make a distinctive contribution to intellectual history.
Speaking of Diversity collects eleven of Gleason's seminal essays, each of them examining twentieth-century American thought on ethnic and religious diversity. Part 1 focuses specifically on linguistic and conceptual analysis, treating terms such as melting-pot, pluralism, identity, and minority. Part 2 explores the impact of World War II on American thinking about diversity, tolerance, and intergroup relations. Part 3 consists of essays on religion, all closely tied to themes in earlier essays. Together, they form a model of methodological and thematic unity. The essays also clear the ground as Americans continue their efforts to realize the stated goals of tolerance, diversity, and order.

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